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White collar defense

Representing clients under scrutiny by government authorities or confronted with allegations of fraud

When the alarms sound, our white collar crime attorneys will help guide you and your company through investigative actions and will assess regulatory exposure with swift prevention and defensive tactics.

DRM’s White Collar Defense attorneys focus on aggressive representation of entities and individuals who find themselves under scrutiny by government authorities or confronted with actual or potential litigation in the civil or criminal fraud space. Led by former federal prosecutors and staffed with exceptional attorneys possessing deep and relevant legal knowledge in enforcement matters, our attorneys provide tenacious advocacy in a broad spectrum of disputes with public enforcement authorities and private actors.

We realize the importance of early intervention to keep minor issues from becoming larger ones, always working from the perspective that a client’s interests are best protected by negotiating from a position of strength. Ultimately, this gives us the ability to confront prosecuting authorities on better-than-even terms: primacy in presentation of pre-trial legal and factual defenses to cut off a case, overwhelming trial representation, or unparalleled appellate advocacy.

Effective investigation is a critical component in today’s litigation, and it is particularly important in enforcement actions. Our government enforcement attorneys provide unmatched experience in investigations, whether they be in defense of claims presented by government authorities or in conducting internal investigations to protect organizations from potential civil or criminal liability issues down the road. Greater expectations exist today for corporations to self-report misconduct. Making responsible compliance and defense decisions requires the ability to gather facts quickly and effectively, and to have an understanding of the issues that are of primary concern to regulators. This preserves options and attains best outcomes. We understand the often sensitive nature of internal investigations, and can guide clients through these processes smoothly and completely.

Sometimes crises develop quickly and without warning. When fast-breaking developments hit, the Vermont white collar crime lawyers at DRM can deploy exceptional crisis management and media relations skills, based in experience and trusted media and government relationships necessary to stabilize the situation and calm the storm.

Experienced white collar defense attorneys representing clients dealing with or facing allegations of:

  • civil or criminal fraud allegations by federal or state authorities, or private entities or individuals
  • federal or state False Claims Act and Qui Tam representation (affirmative and defensive)
  • civil or criminal antitrust
  • health care fraud
  • physician, attorney and other professional licensing and misconduct
  • consumer fraud and deception
  • prosecution or defense of class actions
  • securities fraud or bank fraud
  • EB-5 fraud and litigation
  • civil and criminal tax fraud
  • breach of fiduciary or corporate duties
  • police officer-involved shooting or misconduct
  • money laundering
  • internal investigations
  • sexual assault, misconduct or harassment
  • college or university investigations and discipline
  • grand jury investigations
  • federal and state regulatory audits
  • penalty actions by state and federal authorities including environmental authorities, Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Department of Labor (DOL) actions.
Director Tristram J. Coffin

Tristram J. Coffin


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Director Timothy C. Doherty, Jr.

Timothy C. Doherty, Jr.


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Attorney Jennifer McDonald

Jennifer E. McDonald


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Litigator Evan J. O’Brien

Evan J. O’Brien


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Director Wm. Roger Prescott

Wm. Roger Prescott

Of Counsel

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Attorney Gina Puls

Gina Puls

Of Counsel

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Litigation Associate Monica Allard

Monica Allard


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Litigation Associate Kelsey Schweitzer

Kelsey Schweitzer


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Paralegal Louise Reese

Louise C. Reese


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White Collar Defense & Government Enforcement

Downs Rachlin Martin Welcomes New Attorney to the Litigation Team 

Attorney Gina Puls joins DRM's Litigation Team.
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Downs Rachlin Martin Welcomes New Attorney to the Litigation Team

Attorney Kelsey Schweitzer joins DRM's Litigation practice.
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Attorneys Christian Chorba and Rebecca Dourmashkin Join DRM

Attorneys Christian Chorba and Rebecca Dourmashkin have joined Downs Rachlin Martin's Litigation Group in Burlington, Vermont.
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DRM Announces Advancements

Attorneys Alison Sherman, Shannon Lenzini and Evan J. O’Brien were elected directors as of January 1, 2023.
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