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Claims of violations of consumer protection laws and antitrust matters can cripple a business.

These cases often involve class action claims, management of substantial amounts of electronic and documentary evidence, and deployment of high-level expert analysis. In Vermont, the DRM White Collar Defense Group has substantial experience and capability in corporate antitrust defense.

Aggressive, Fact-based Investigatory Approach

DRM’s antitrust attorneys handle these matters with an aggressive, fact-based investigatory approach that aims to cut through generalities and innuendo in claims to distill the proof that actually supports or does not support an allegation. From there, our tactics are forceful deployment of sophisticated legal and factual defenses, coupled with proactive application of expert analysis, to position the case in the posture most beneficial to our clients.

Vermont’s First White Collar Defense Legal Team

If confronted with an antitrust or consumer protection claim based on federal or Vermont state law, class action or otherwise, call upon the DRM White Collar Group for experienced, sophisticated and pragmatic counsel. Learn more about the group’s leading attorneys:

Recent Accomplishments

The firm filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of Vermont Volkswagen car owners against Volkswagen companies in Germany and the United States over damages they suffered as a result of the company’s falsification of emissions testing equipment. The suit was filed on September 23, 2015, in Chittenden Superior Court by former federal prosecutor Tristram J. Coffin. Charlotte resident Robert Turnau was the representative class plaintiff. The case was settled in July 2016.  Read more about Vermont’s VW class action

Director Tristram J. Coffin

Tristram J. Coffin


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Director Timothy C. Doherty, Jr.

Timothy C. Doherty, Jr.


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Litigator Evan J. O’Brien

Evan J. O’Brien


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Antitrust & Consumer Protection

DOJ Targets PPP Fraud and Abuse

Fraud and abuse related to PPP have already received considerable attention from authorities and this is certain to continue and accelerate in the months ahead. 
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DOJ Announces Policy Changes On Corporate Cooperation In Both Criminal And Civil Cases

U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced changes to the DOJ policy regarding cooperation in both civil and criminal investigations, modifying certain aspects of its predecessor policy, the Yates Memorandum. 
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