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Effective supervisor training is critical to creating a successful work environment. At Downs Rachlin Martin, we have substantial experience working with our clients to develop customized labor and employment training programs to address specific client needs. First, we listen to you carefully to understand the need. Then we develop a program with specific learning objectives. The training uses realistic examples to illustrate the legal principles and learning objectives.  Finally, we follow up to make sure the learning objectives are accomplished and retained.

On-point and on track.

Our trainers focus on engagement.  We know that supervisors will retain the information most effectively through participation, practical examples, and repetition.  It is not unusual for a participant to utter halfway through training, “Oh, now I get it!”  Our trainers are experts at getting participants involved in the training and making sure they learn the material and enjoy the moment.

In addition to customized training, we also offer several standard training programs.  For these, we also focus on examples, and we always make sure the examples are relevant to your business.  These training programs include:

  • Avoiding Harassment in the Workplace
  • Effective Documentation
  • Dealing with Protected Leave Issues
  • Managing Disabilities in the Workplace
  • Successful Interviewing and Hiring
  • Termination Checklist
  • Developing a Labor Philosophy
  • Responding to a Union Organizing Drive

Recent Accomplishments

While it’s not always easy to quantify the impact of good management training, our team can lay claim to these recent accomplishments:

  • Set-up a detailed year-long training program for first-line supervisors in a unionized environment. The training focused on all skills necessary for effective supervision, ranging from effective communication to handling grievances and documentation and minimizing legal risks.
  • Conducted systematic training of all the supervisors and managers of a regional manufacturing company in effective documentation, recognizing legal issues (like FMLA, ADA), and dealing with harassment allegations.
  • Worked with an organization with a new collective bargaining agreement to train their supervisors so they could manage effectively in a unionized environment.  Training included handling grievances, interpreting the contract, administering discipline, and dealing with union stewards.
  • Met with the senior management team to train senior leaders in labor issues and to develop an effective strategy by adopting a customized labor philosophy.


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Management Training

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