We’re so proud and awed by DRM client and Burlington restaurateur Sue Bette! Sue is the founder and managing partner of the Bluebird Barbecue restaurant and catering service on Riverside Ave. As a member of the leadership team of the Independent Restaurant Coalition and co-founder of Vermont Independent Restaurants, Sue has worked tirelessly for a year since the COVID-19 shutdown to obtain meaningful federal financial relief for America’s small and independent restaurants. Her work paid off when Congress passed, and President Biden signed, the COVID-19 economic relief bill known as the American Rescue Plan, containing $28.6 Billion in grant money dedicated specifically for restaurants. Sue was recognized for this hard work and amazing accomplishment in the Washington Post! Speaking of her leadership in obtaining this desperately-needed funding, Sue said, “It was very empowering and, for me, one of the most important things that happened this year. I felt like I had a role to play, and I could do something. I could serve our industry and be part of a team that was making change in a real grass-roots way.” Well, thanks and congratulations, Sue!

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