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Attorneys leveraging local intel to successfully site wireless telecommunications infrastructure.

For more than two decades, Downs Rachlin Martin has been assisting wireless carriers, tower developers and site acquisition agents to obtain agreements, consents and regulatory approvals for wireless telecommunications sites in Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as border areas of upstate New York and northwestern Massachusetts.

DRM has obtained regulatory approvals for our clients on projects ranging from new tower site builds to tower reconstruction projects. DRM telecom attorneys have also revolutionized approaches to obtaining approvals for co-location projects on a wide assortment of structures, including existing towers, agricultural buildings and silos, water tanks, ski jumps, religious edifices and rooftops.

The DRM Telecommunications Group is well versed in obtaining municipal and state land use permitting approvals required for wireless siting projects, including through world-class presentations and meeting facilitation. DRM is equally experienced obtaining supplemental state approvals for siting projects such as stormwater permits, NEPA due diligence, stream alteration permits, division of fire safety approvals, wetland permits, tramway authority consents, highway access permits and a myriad of other regulatory requirements, with support from DRM’s Litigation Group and Land Use Permitting Group.

Whether your proposed wireless communications facility is situated in a developed residential district or a remote mountaintop area of northern New England, DRM has the industry experience, localized knowledge and in-house resources to facilitate your project from initial design through post-construction compliance.

Director Joshua Leckey

Joshua D. Leckey


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Attorney Alexis L. Peters

Alexis L. Peters


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Paralegal Rachel Scott

Rachel M. Scott


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Wireless Infrastructure Siting Projects

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