Trademark Registration

The “mark” used to identify the source of a product or service can be a word, phrase, slogan, logo, color, smell, sound, shape or packaging design, or a combination of these. While you can develop rights in you mark through use, in order to get maximum legal protection for the mark, including the presumption that you can use it nationwide, it needs to be registered with the USPTO. Since a trademark registration protects your brand, and the strength of a brand heavily influences product pricing, trademark registrations are incredibly valuable assets. Devoting resources to registering your important trademarks with the USPTO increases the value of your intellectual property, enables registration outside the US, and makes it much easier to resolve trademark disputes, should they occur. While not a prerequisite to use, registering trademarks with the USPTO greatly enhances the marks’ value and also streamlines enforcement efforts. DRM trademark attorneys help clients determine the optimal trademark protection, register the appropriate trademarks with the USPTO and/or abroad, including overcoming refusals issued by the USPTO, and advise on conflicts with prior registrations, all in service of improving the value of a client’s intellectual property. 

For more information about trademark registration, please contact Peter Kunin or Cathleen Stadecker

DRM helps ensure your trademark registration fees are well spent. 

Filing a trademark application with the USPTO is an administrative proceeding that has many legal requirements and strict time deadlines. Trademark applications are routinely refused by the USPTO during the examination process. Since filing fees are not refunded, it makes sense to engage an experienced trademark attorney. Each trademark attorney at DRM has been delivering this service for 10+ years, and are supported by a team of dedicated intellectual property paralegals who are experts in their own right. In fact, DRM attorneys do this with such regularity, we are able to offer fixed fees for the initial filing, and for maintenance filings once the mark is registered. 

DRM offers a complete menu of trademark registration services to meet your business objectives. 

DRM’s trademark attorneys have years of experience handling a broad range of trademark matters that have served clients in Vermont, New England and around the globe. Collectively, DRM’s team has and does successfully: 

  • Manage global trademark portfolios including providing strategic advice regarding filing new applications and maintaining existing registrations in the U.S. and worldwide;
  • Advise clients on trademark usage issues to maximize ability to protect marks;
  • Register trademarks with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), including fixed fee application filing, working with USPTO Examining Attorneys to get applications approved, responding to USPTO Office Actions during the examination process, and filing Statements of Use;
  • Maintain registrations by filing with the USPTO affidavits of use, declarations of incontestability and other documents required to maximize protection and avoid cancellation;
  • Handle ex parte appeals with Trademark Trial and Appeal Board (TTAB), and initiate and defend in partes opposition and cancellation proceedings before the TTAB as part of registration process; and
  • Record U.S. trademark registrations with U.S. Customs to prevent counterfeiting. 
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