For the Biome and JHCapital: Our Clients, Our Friends

Understanding our clients’ goals and taking a deep interest in their successes is what drives our work at DRM. And when the successes of two clients merge, we like to celebrate it. The March 2020 edition of Vermont Business Magazine highlights the story of two DRM clients: a start-up natural skincare company from the Brattleboro area named For the Biome and JHCapital, LLC, a Vermont-based venture capital firm. While we are often trying to find synergies between clients that might prove mutually beneficial to both clients, this was an instance in which it worked particularly well.

We share this story for another reason. For all of the work that goes into the successful launch of a new venture, there remains the human element. This article includes a snapshot of what drives For the Biome. Before attorney Tom Moody was involved on the venture capital side of this emerging partnership, For the Biome was a client of intellectual property attorney Larry Meier. Tom and Larry met with Paul Schulick at the firm’s Lebanon office shortly after Larry was diagnosed with cancer. The VBM articles tells the story of how Paul Schulick spent the bulk of the meeting talking about Larry’s health and the ways Larry could power up his immune system. He prioritized Larry over the original purpose of the meeting, which was to talk about getting financing for his company. We are delighted that the author, Joyce Marcel, chose to include that in her story.

So, this story and this success is a special one for us.