While there are many benefits to working from home, there are also a number of important things to remember when you have remote employees or if you are trying to implement a hybrid work solution. 

We thought this list would be a good way to keep you informed of some of the most important considerations.

10. HR has to constantly remind managers that productivity is not based on face-time but on actual work accomplished.

9. Some managers keep complaining about work-from-home attire, or seeing children, pets and other distractions on video calls. [But, most people love the “distractions.”]

8. The FLSA might require certain commuting time to be paid if an employee works remotely for partial days.

7. Workers’ Compensation applies to work-related injuries that occur in an employee’s home office.

6. Having to respond in writing to requests from employees under the Vermont Flexible Working Arrangements Law, 21 V.S.A. § 309.

5. Worried about claims of unlawful discrimination in deciding who can or cannot work remotely. Some managers keep focusing improperly on child care responsibilities without considering the work needs of the position.

4. It has become much more difficult to say that remote work is not a reasonable accommodation to help an employee perform the essential functions of the position.

3. If an employee works in a different state, HR has to figure out how to comply with the wage payment, unemployment requirements, income tax considerations and paid leave rights in that state.

2. Still working on a remote work policy, and haven’t had time to visit the wonderful resources at the SHRM Remote Work Hub.

1. We really miss seeing people in person!  

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