Johnson State College B.S. General Studies and Law, summa cum laude, 1998

Woodbury College, A.S., Paralegal Studies, 1996


Assisted in a statewide “from the ground up” permit and development process for a client’s statewide broadband system.

Assists clients in building-out and enhancing their current telecommunications systems through permitting in the Public Utility Commission 248a process.

Team leader on several real estate and financing projects that further develop and enhance clients’ electrical and telecommunications systems throughout the State and Country, and that secure client assets by recording appropriate documentation in applicable jurisdictions.

Assisted several defense clients through to resolution of matters from slip-and-falls, fires and motor vehicle accidents.

Managed several vertical real estate transactions that required assimilation of assets acquired through mergers.

Leads team efforts to assist clients with due diligence and information analysis on large telecommunications facilities acquisitions.