DRM Litigation Attorney Billy Clark to present at the 2022 Vermont Bar Association Mid-Year Meeting. Together with his co-presenters, Billy will cover Intellectual Property Basics.

By popular demand, the VBA IP Section offers this CLE covering the basics of the four “flavors” of IP: copyright, patent, trademark, and trade secrets. The panel will give clear, usable answers to questions like these for each kind of IP:

  1. what does/doesn’t it protect?
  2. how long does the protection last?
  3. is there “fair use”?
  4. is “notice” required?
  5. what is infringement and what are the penalties for it?
  6. what’s the biggest myth (or two) about it?
  7. and, finally, how to answer this common client question: can you copyright/trademark/patent/trade-secret this for me?