Briefly Speaking IP Seminar Series

Intellectual Property Law

Briefly Speaking Intellectual Property Seminar Series


Why Invest? The Value of Intellectual Property     (1/27/2011)

Lawrence H. Meier, Esq.

Protecting intellectual property ("IP") can be expensive, and enforcing IP rights can be even more expensive. Why bother? This session addresses the pros and cons of protecting IP, will consider when enforcement of IP rights makes sense and will cover approaches for reducing the cost of IP protection.

Insurance Coverage for Intellectual Property Infringement Claims:  Are You Covered?

R. Bradford Fawley, Esq.                                                        Download webinar

Your general liability insurance policies may provide basic protections against infringement claims, but what events should prompt your inquiry into coverage? How is coverage determined? Can you make a claim for an IP lawsuit that has been pending? Do you have recourse if you lost insurance rights because you were improperly advised?


Trademark Basics: Protecting Your Brand Assets   (3/31/2011)
Peter B. Kunin, Esq.
                                                               Download webinar

An introductory session for established brand owners and new businesses seeking to create valuable brands. Topics include: strategies for avoiding trademark disputes, using the federal trademark registration system to protect your brand, legal issues to consider when selecting a new brand and getting the biggest bang for your legal buck.


Trade Secrets:  How to Protect Your Valuable Commercial Information (4/27/2011)
Walter E. Judge, Jr., Esq.                                                       Download webinar

Have you identified your company's valuable "trade secrets" and taken steps to insure that they are protected?  How do you identify what is a trade secret?  Which laws protect trade secrets?  What constitutes "misappropriation"?  What defenses are available to a person or company accused of trade secret misappropriation?  How are trade secrets litigated and damages calculated?  Experienced litigator Walter Judge addresses these questions, in addition to your own, in this valuable one-hour seminar.


Electronic Discovery:  Planning vs. Panic  (7/27/2011)

Eric A. Poehlmann, Esq.                                                      Download webinar


Virtually all correspondence, documents and records are stored and transmitted electronically. Are the laws and rules of evidence keeping pace with the introduction of new electronic applications? Is your company prepared to comply with the current laws and rules that apply to electronic discovery if litigation arises? The presenter discusses some steps you can take to be better prepared in the event you become involved in litigation involving electronic discovery.


The America Invents Act: How Patent Reform Affects Your Business    (9/29/2011)

Lawrence H. Meier, Esq.                                                        Download webinar


On September 16, President Obama signed into law the most significant overhaul of U.S. patent law since the current statute was enacted in 1952. The America Invents Act, passed by the Senate on September 8 after years of debate, touches on virtually every aspect of patent law. Significant areas of change include: “first-to-file,” “prior use” defense, provisions on patent marking, post-grant review procedures, invention assignment rules, and more. In addition to inventors and patent owners, potentially any company that uses technology may be impacted by this law. This seminar will help you understand how the America Invents Act may affect your company and how it does business.


Cybercrimes:  Practical Tips for Your Business to Avoid or Recover From Disaster   (10/27/2011

Matthew S. Borick, Esq., Harry R. Fell, IT Systems Engineer         Download webinar


Understanding proactive, technical measures that can reduce the risk of becoming a target and the legal consequences that could arise from failure to protect computers and data are essential for businesses of all sizes. What are the federal and state cybercrime laws and remedies? What post-incident actions should you be prepared to take?


 Product Design: Trademark, Patent or Public Domain?  (12/14/2011)

Jamie F. Fitzgerald, Esq., Morgan S. Heller II, Esq.             Download webinar


Is it best to register the shape of a product as a trademark, or would a design patent have more advantages?  What are the minimum design characteristics that would qualify for either type of protection?  If a design patent expires, is it possible to then register the product design as a trademark and continue the protection? Trademark attorney Jamie Fitzgerald and patent attorney Morgan Heller present a lively and interesting look at well known products, whether they are protected as trademarks or through design patents, and what should be considered when making this important decision.


Domain Names and the New gTLDs: Protecting Your Trademarks Online  (1/26/2012)

Cathleen E. Stadecker, Esq.                                                    Download webinar

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) opened the first application round for the new generic top-level domain names (gTLDs) in January. The application and maintenance costs will prohibit most companies from applying – but what do all trademark owners need to know and consider? This seminar focuses on basic principles and current issues involving domain name, keyword and other trademark violations and how they can be enforced in the online context, including:

Domain Name Infringement - What are cybersquatting and typosquatting, and what enforcement strategies should trademark owners consider?  When is the ICANN Uniform Dispute Resolution Procedure (UDRP) a good option? What further protections and remedies does the Federal Anti-Cybersquatting Protection Act (ACPA) offer? 

New gTLD Program - The new Generic Top Level (gTLD) Domain Name program, approved by ICANN in June 2011, paves the way for hundreds of new top-level domain names.What issues and procedures do trademark owners need to be aware of, starting with Legal Rights Objections when applications are published late April 2012? 


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